Ever sense your boss’s presence even when you know he’s out grabbing lunch? That might be how the folks who toil in the New York headquarters of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” feel, now that their office decor includes a giant mural of the show’s hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

One wall of the morning talkathon’s headquarters is entirely covered by an image depicting the hosts, barefoot and casually dressed, strolling along a beach dune (see the pic, provided by a tipster). In the brightly-hued scene, Scarborough — his pants rolled up, shirt jauntily unbuttoned at the neck — leads the way across the sand, while a sundress-wearing Brzezinski follows him.

It’s hardly your typical corporate cube-farm art — more like a family vacation scene, or a still from the latest pharmaceutical ad.

The mural is a blown-up version of a painting by Peter Max, the renowned artist whose psychedelic portraits of icons from the Beatles to Marilyn Monroe have graced magazine and album covers. Scarborough and Brzezinski did a segment on Max in 2014, and the studio tour concluded with the painter unveiling two artworks featuring Scarborough and Brzezinski, one of them on a beach, and the other a more formal, seated portrait. (Scarborough later wrote that they were based on photos taken in Nantucket by an in-house lensman.)

They clearly liked the paintings — he uses the seashore image as the header for his blog, and she adopted the other as her Twitter avatar. But even before it was enlarged and stuck up on the office wall, the sunset-on-the-sand image attracted some derision, with the Daily Caller snarking about the “romantic vibe” between the co-hosts.