Radio personality Peter Deibler, better known as Kane, the host of the syndicated morning talk show “The Kane Show,” was arrested in Maryland on Friday after his soon-to-be ex-wife accused him of second-degree assault, according to court records.

On Monday, Montgomery County District Judge William Simmons issued a temporary protective order related to the alleged assault, which took place on May 25, court records say. The temporary order bars Deiber from contacting his wife or entering the Potomac home where she lives.

Deibler, 39, and his wife, Natasha Deibler, 36, have been locked in a nasty divorce, with many of the dramatic details getting a public airing — both on his nationally syndicated radio show, which is based at HOT 99.5 FM in Rockville, and on her personal blog.

According to Natasha Deibler’s protective order petition, she said that on May 25, her husband grabbed her and threw her into a wall in the presence of the couple’s daughters, resulting in a sprained knee, head injury, bruises and a black eye.

In the criminal assault case, according to online records, Natasha Deibler accused him assault that same day. That warrant was served on Peter Deibler on Friday, according to court records. He quickly posted a $3,500 bond and was released from custody.

“It’s an accusation that’s unfounded,” Peter Deibler said of the assault charge, when reached by phone on Monday.  A call to Natasha Deibler was not immediately returned.

Deibler attended a hearing Monday morning related the protective order, according to court records and a recording of the hearing. He was notably absent from the airwaves, and tweeted pictures of himself inside an elevator, where he claimed to be stuck and unable to get to work.

“First day of summer, I have $500 to give away today at 7:45est…AND I’M STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR AND HAVE TO PEE!” he wrote early Monday morning.

Several hours later, he posted another picture from inside the elevator car where he appeared to remain trapped. “Still here,” he wrote.

Both tweets appeared to have been deleted after the Post contacted Deibler for comment.

The temporary protective order hearing on Monday began at 9:13 a.m., and lasted 14 minutes, according to a recording of the hearing. Peter Deibler was there, according to his attorney’s introductory comments, but he didn’t speak.

Natasha Deibler spoke briefly. Simmons, the judge, asked her if what she wrote in her petition was correct.

“Yes, sir,” she said.