No one said being a media mogul was easy.

Alice Rogoff, the wife of Washington-based billionaire financier/philanthropist David Rubenstein, is facing legal and business challenges in her improbable quest to build a news empire in Alaska.

She’s being sued by a former lieutenant, who claimed in a court filing last week that he is owed more than $1 million. (Weird detail: The contract he cites was drawn up on a cocktail napkin in pen.) And her company, which purchased the Anchorage Daily News from McClatchy in 2014, last month filed a lawsuit against the seller, claiming McClatchy hid expenses before the sale and hasn’t lived up to the terms of the sales contract — though the parties settled that matter, her lawyer said.

Rogoff is being sued by Tony Hopfinger, co-founder of a scrappy news website that Rogoff purchased in 2009 and built into a larger organization, adding staff and eventually buying the Anchorage daily paper and merging the two. In his lawsuit, Hopfinger says Rogoff still owes him $900,000 of the $1 million she promised him as a buyout — and memorialized in her handwriting on a napkin.

Rogoff’s attorney said in a statement that the money, to be doled out at $100,000 annually, essentially was meant as compensation for continued work at the paper, and that Hopfinger — who has since moved to Chicago — wasn’t earning it. “Unfortunately, Hopfinger did not live up to his promises,” the statement says.

In the other, now-settled, lawsuit, Rogoff’s company sought $700,000 in damages from McClatchy related to its sale of the Anchorage Daily News, citing breach of contract — most significantly, that McClatchy didn’t disclose an expensive contract with the Associated Press on its books.

The Post magazine last year ran a lengthy profile of 65-year-old Rogoff, who first visited Alaska in 2001 and soon decided to become a player there in the 49th state’s environmental and business issues.

“This place is my second home,” she told the magazine.