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All those emails about ‘Hamilton’ clogging up your inbox? They’re from the Clinton campaign.

Lin-Manuel Miranda of “Hamilton” performs during the Tony Awards at the Beacon Theatre on June 12 in New York City. (Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

The initial announcement was pretty exciting. And so was the second missive sent straight from the rich mahogany desk of President Obama. But by the third — okay, sixth — email touting the Clinton campaign’s very special “Hamilton” fundraiser, the once-in-a-lifetime experience started to smell a lot like spam.

On Friday, Clinton’s presidential campaign announced a fundraiser starring the July 12 matinee of the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” You know the multiple-Tony-winning hit that’s sold out until the rapture? Tickets benefiting the campaign start at $2,700, and for $100,000, folks ready for Hillary can get two premium seats and a chance to rub elbows with the former secretary of state herself at an official “wrap party.” For those unwilling or unable to drop that much cash on the Democratic ticket, the campaign is offering one free raffle entry to the show with more entries for as little as $3.

How do we know all this? Because Clinton’s comms team is on it, blasting its address book with multiple daily reminders with subject lines such as “… your shot to see Hamilton for free,” “The story of Hamilton,” “Hamilton?” and “Hamilton.”

If you didn’t have FOMH (fear of missing “Hamilton”) before, then you definitely do now.

“Did you see the HUGE news?” reads one campaign email jammed with gifs from the show, of creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Obamas. In another, Obama writes, “It’s pretty hard to convince my girls that anything their mom and I like can possibly be considered cool.” But here’s the thing: “Hamilton” is cool and the president is “rooting for you — because I know you’re going to love this.” In yet another note from POTUS, he admits to being a “superfan” and also humble-brags about having seen the show twice. So there. “When I first saw the musical Hamilton last year, I was blown away.” That one’s from Clinton herself. And there will be more, many many more.

Guys, we get it. Seeing “Hamilton,” a hip-hop history of the founding father’s life, is the ultimate FB status symbol. And the Clinton campaign can get you even closer to getting all those likes, but first your inbox must suffer.