Are you really famous if you don’t have your own line of emojis? Ever since Kim Kardashian launched her surprisingly lucrative Kimoji keyboard in December, the trend has been spreading like wildfire in the celeb world. Everyone from Steph Curry to Drake’s dad (yes, really) has produced their own line of emojis, or digital cartoon icons of themselves.

Now count the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton among the ranks — Thursday, development house Tanooki Suit released Hillarymoji.

While it doesn’t quite have the same ring as Kimoji — or the tiny twerking or nude selfie icons — the Clinton version is a respectable addition to the field. The much more tame Hillarymoji consists of cartoon Clinton in an “H” superhero costume, and an ode to “Rosie the Riveter.”

Clinton has yet to publicly endorse the app, so it remains to be seen whether the former secretary of state and grandmother of two will be using her own emojis to connect to the country’s young people.

Clinton has dabbled with using emojis to reach millennials before — cue her attempt at starting a Twitter conversation about student debt using only emojis.

Will this foray into social media help Clinton finally win over the newly minted voter demographic? One iTunes store commenter thinks nay. “Stop trying to pander to young voters with idiotic tweets and stupid apps. We won’t fall for it,” the commenter wrote.

But Clinton is hardly the oldest old with their own emojis. Fashion icon Iris Apfel, 94, recently announced the creation of her own emojis to accompany her new clothing collaboration with Macy’s I.N.C.