Anton Yelchin, left, Chris Pine and John Cho appear in a scene from “Star Trek Beyond.” (Kimberley French/Paramount Pictures via AP)

Before regular folks can catch it in theaters, a select group of moviegoers is getting a preview of “Star Trek Beyond,” the latest installment of the sci-fi franchise: Several actors from the anticipated blockbuster came to the White House on Tuesday to screen the movie for a group of veterans and members of the military.

Stars Chris Pine, Karl Urban and actor/co-writer Simon Pegg arrived Tuesday afternoon at the fancy address for the show. First lady Michelle Obama hosted the screening as part of her “Joining Forces” initiative. Alas, it seemed that her husband — an admitted “Star Trek” fan — didn’t drop in to get his Trekkie fix.

After greeting the actors and welcoming the military families, Michelle Obama concluded her remarks with a phrase that was made famous by that other sci-fi franchise, “Star Wars.”

“May the force be with you,” she said. (We think she was kidding by invoking the rival films, but who knows — President Obama once mixed the two by referring to a “Jedi mind meld”).

Urban, slightly sheepishly, added his film’s signature line: “And live long and prosper!”