Donna Brazile, the interim DNC chair, and her posse of power players are set to pen a book together about their tight friendship and inspiring personal journeys for St. Martin’s Press.

The book is tentatively titled “The Colored Girls,” a name the fivesome gave themselves years ago. Members in the clique are Brazile; top Hillary Clinton aide, Minyon Moore; chief executive of the Democratic convention, Leah Daughtry; director of the convention’s podium operations, Yolanda Caraway; and Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy. The group will write with the aid of a collaborator.

“It’s the story of their extraordinary work behind the scenes over the course of nearly four decades and the extraordinary friendship that keeps them together,” explained Gail Ross, the powerful Washington literary agent who is negotiating the book’s deal with St. Martin’s Press. The book’s contract is still being negotiated, but Ross described it as “substantial.”

“The Colored Girls” will be part historic memoir and part political inspiration, tracking each woman’s intertwining journey up the Washington ladder. The five authors, said Ross, have made a habit of holding the door open for other women and people of color in the political arena. For years, they’ve been urged to write a book together that melds the political and the personal.

“People read books for two reasons, either to get smarter about a particular topic or to escape,” said Ross, “and in this case you’re getting smarter and being inspired. Those are the best kinds of books.”

“The Colored Girls” is expected to be on shelves in time for the 2018 midterm elections.