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FOX 5 anchor Holly Morris spills the secret behind her 10-year-old divorce from CNN’s Tom Sater

Fox 5 anchor Holly Morris during her podcast interview. (Courtesy of Fox 5)
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Fox 5 anchor Holly Morris has revealed the soap-operatic story behind her 2005 split from then-Fox 5 weatherman Tom Sater.

Fox 5 recently launched a podcast to give viewers a more personal look at on-air talent, and Morris sure complied, opening waaay up for the first time publicly about the couple’s ugly divorce, detailing Sater’s affair with a co-worker and his unspecified “addiction problems.”

In Morris’s telling, plenty of colleagues at the station knew about the affair but didn’t inform her — and meanwhile, she was co-anchoring morning newscasts with the woman he was cheating on her with. “So it would be one of those things where we’d do the noon show, and then the two of us walked down, and you know the newsroom — everyone’s talking, and then all of a sudden they stop,” she said.

Morris didn’t name names (of either her ex or his mistress) during the podcast, nor would she do so in a follow-up interview. But her split from Sater was announced in 2005, and the Other Woman she described is clearly former Fox 5 anchor Gurvir Dhindsa, whom Sater later married. The couple, who did not respond to a request for comment made through a spokeswoman for CNN International, where Sater now works, had twins in 2008.

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Morris ultimately learned about the affair, and she and Sater divorced. Sater later lost his job at FOX 5 under murky circumstances. Then, in what can only be described as Most Awkward Job Situation ever, Morris and Dhindsa continued to work together for another few years. During the podcast-turned-confessional, Morris said the Other Woman (Dhindsa) “was a little bit obsessed with me,” dressing like her at work and emailing her under a false name. “She’s cray-cray,” Morris claims.

But the tangled story has a happy ending: Morris married an old college crush (yes, she also overshares about their reunion on the podcast) and has a young son. Of the divorce, however messy: “It’s the best damn thing that ever happened to me.”

In the follow-up interview, Morris said that she doesn’t regret sharing the saga and that she’s gotten supportive messages from listeners who relate to her because they, too, have experienced marriages gone bad or addiction battles in their families. “Channel 5 is letting us tell our stories the way we want to tell them,” she said. And besides, she said, rumors had dribbled out at the time, and the hour-long podcast format finally allowed her to give a full account. “This was a way to tell the story in its entirety — not chopped up and parts left out.”