Cause: A proposed House resolution condemning China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival, staged by the country’s dog-meat industry.

Celeb: Lisa Vanderpump, of the Bravo shows “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules,” and co-founder of the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. The reality star was accompanied by her husband, Ken Todd, and their famous-in-his-own-right Pomeranian Giggy (who wore a blue velvet suit for the occasion).

Scene: A panel discussion on Capitol Hill on the status of the legislation (outlook: maybe next session) and the dog-meat industry. Organizers showed a graphic video of dogs being tortured, to gasps and sobs from the audience and panelists. The crowd, noticeably devoid of lawmakers, comprised mostly animal activists.

Soundbite: “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat — our cause should be everyone’s cause,” Vanderpump said. “It’s with the weight of the American government behind us that we can finally begin to make real change.”

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