Donald Trump, musical muse. (Evan Vucci/AP)

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough is hard at work, penning what he imagines will be a smash-hit, Tony-winning musical about GOP candidate Donald Trump.

“ ‘Hamilton’ meets ‘The Book of Mormon’ ” is how he hyped “Trump: The Musical” to GQ magazine.

But hang on there — there’s already a Trump-themed musical with heavy Hamiltonian influences written by a prominent journo. Don’t recall “Drumpf: The Musical” by American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner? Well, it’s not on Broadway, yet. But the show, which Kuttner created with his actor/director son, Gabriel Kuttner, has been in the works for months (they’re currently trying to line up financial backing) — and there are online videos of four of the show’s numbers. “Think Woodward and Bernstein meet Lin-Manuel Miranda, with a touch of Weird Al Yankovic thrown in,” is how the Huffington Post described it.

Although it might not be the first on the field, Scarborough’s project certainly has some glittery names attached. For a demo, the TV host enlisted Taylor Swift’s band director, David Cook, to man the soundboard and “Hamilton” cast member Rory O’Malley for vocals. Super-agent Ari Emanuel will help line up investors, he says, per the GQ piece.

We reached out to Kuttner, who, in proper hip-hop form, threw just a touch of shade at the rival production. “Judging by the Scarborough lyrics that have been quoted, ours is better and more in the hip hop genre,” he tells us by email. He acknowledged that the concept of a show inspired by the real estate mogul-turned-pol can’t be copyrighted — and there’s already an off-off-Broadway Trump-centric cabaret show.

But he’s not afraid of more competition. “Hey, it’s a free country (at least through November 8, God help us all),” he wrote. “May the best musical win.”