President Obama’s daughters, Sasha, left, and Malia, prepare to board Air Force One at the Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station en route to Washington on Aug. 30, 2009, after their family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Behind them is White House staffer Kristen Jarvis. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

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By all accounts, Kristen Jarvis, first lady Michelle Obama’s former assistant-of-all-trades, prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She rarely spoke about her high-stakes position as Obama’s personal aide until leaving the gig in April 2015. And even then, she was sure to stay on message. Since decamping for a job at the Ford Foundation in New York, Jarvis has remained snugly under the radar.

That is, until TMZ got a hold of the details of her upcoming wedding.

According to the website, Jarvis’s bridal party will feature two famous faces: Malia and Sasha Obama. News even traveled across the pond as the Daily Mail pounced on the story, somehow gaining access to Jarvis’s password-protected wedding website, which gives both first daughters a shout-out.

“Sasha and I have had a big sister/little sister relationship since the very beginning and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this girl — and I know she would do the same for me,” wrote Jarvis, according to the Mail.

The White House, following standard protocol when it comes to discussing the first daughters’ personal lives, did not comment on Malia and Sasha’s possible role in the former staffer’s wedding.

Jarvis is marrying former U.S. Secret Service member Shaun West over Veterans Day weekend. The couple, both alums of Capitol Hill, were introduced by a mutual friend and have been dating for years. One source expressed shock that their wedding, which will take place in Chantilly, Va., was “TMZ-worthy.”

Other details? According to TMZ the event will be planned by D’Concierge Wedding Planning and cost $300,000. The program will feature a performance by soul singer Ledisi, who has made frequent White House appearances over the past eight years, Eric Benet and Kenny Lattimore. The first lady, whom Jarvis is especially close to, will be among the audience of well-wishers, but President Obama is not expected to attend.

For its part D’Concierge Wedding Planning has remained mum on the details.

“It has always been our policy not to discuss information concerning current or future clients of D’Concierge Wedding Planning,” wrote the company’s publicist Crystal Solomon, in an statement provided to the Washington Post.