Last fall, Internet sleuths collectively turned their attention to one mystery man: Mindy Kaling’s White House boo. And finally we’ve found him — or at least the most likely suspect.

Nearly a year after Kaling dropped hints, the Reliable Source has learned that “Will” from Tennessee described in the actress’s second book is in fact former White House aide Robert “Bobby” Schmuck from Kansas, according to a person with knowledge of the year-long fling.

In her collection of essays titled “Why Not Me?,” Kaling, the star and creator of “The Mindy Project,” laid out the details of a heavy-texting relationship she had with a “well connected DC person” who worked at 1600 Penn. According to the actress, “Will” was “a tall blond in glasses” from Tennessee and “good looking in a Methodist minister kind of way.” The two met at a fundraiser in New York and for the next year or so carried on one of those excruciating platonic plus maybe more? relationships that rom-coms are made for.

The guessing game was inevitable. There were several Wills on the White House payroll, and Kaling most certainly was using a pseudonym.

But, similar to the heavily shaded version of himself in Kaling’s book, 31-year-old Schmuck is tall, wears glasses, has light brown hair and is definitely “good looking.” Neither Schmuck nor Kaling returned requests for comment.

In “Why Not Me?,” Kaling and “Will” (nee Bobby), whose well-placed job got the actress invited to exclusive White House events, spent some time together during the 2014 White House correspondents’ dinner. There is Instagram evidence of that meetup from a tour of the White House, as well as a supposedly “romantic” night at what appears to be the W Hotel during Kaling’s time in D.C.

Before leaving the White House recently, Schmuck, who worked as the deputy director of the White House Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, was one of President Obama’s longest-serving aides. So like all good White House staffers, Schmuck spent his seven years remaining relatively behind the scenes. But his name might sound familiar.

In July, Schmuck found himself at the center of a cache of hacked Democratic National Committee emails courtesy of WikiLeaks. In one specific exchange, singer Ariana Grande, fresh off her doughnut-licking episode, was being vetted to perform at a gala for the president. After receiving the 1,100-word email documenting Grande’s controversies, financials and family ties, Schmuck delivered a two-word one-two punch: “Nope, sorry.”

Fortunately for Kaling, her mostly digital romance with Schmuck didn’t end nearly as abruptly. After a “late night of passion” at the actress’s L.A. home, her book says, the pair eventually fizzled out. Blame Hollywood and Obama. Apparently the sorta-couple were just too busy to make things stick.