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Is Katy Perry’s ‘Nasty Woman’ tee the new Trump hat?

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Practically as soon as Donald Trump uttered the phrase “nasty woman” during the third presidential debate on Wednesday night (a comment directed, of course, at Hillary Clinton), we could practically hear the merch being cranked out.

T-shirts, bags and bumper stickers — all bearing the insult-reclaimed-as-boast — quickly followed.

But fashionistas seem to have settled on the preferred look, as modeled by pop singer Katy Perry, who campaigned for Clinton over the weekend wearing a tee with the phrase encircled by an sweet-looking heart that belies the tough-talking slogan. The design seems to be widely available through several different online retailers, including Google Ghost and Red Bubble, both of whom are pledging half the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

What trucker hat?