Is Washington finally joining New York and Los Angeles as a sexy movie backdrop? The jury is still out but at least one production company thinks the District is worthy of the big screen even when the plot isn’t about politics. Move over “Scandal,” “House of Cards,” “Madame Secretary”?

For the past week, “Couples’ Night,” an independent romantic comedy starring Tony Rock (Chris Rock’s little brother and a comedian/actor in his own right), Reagan Gomez-Preston (who’s guesting on OWN’s “Queen Sugar”), Charles Malik Whitfield (who starred in those “controversial” interracial Cheerios commercials a few years ago), and Denise Boutte (“Why Did I Get Married”) has been shooting in Washington — and not just the obvious B-roll of monuments and the Capitol.

“We covered the city to highlight the District” said the film’s producer, Kirk Fraser, adding that the crew of 20 have stopped in Logan Circle and U Street “shooting in areas that really represent the city.” Another Washington nod? Nearly half the crew is from the District, according to Fraser, who is also working with the D.C.-based production company Octet Productions.

Residents of the 14th Street corridor were first tipped off last week when the film trucks, camera crews and movie trailers started showing up on the 1400 block of W Street NW. Tipsters alerted the local blog Popville to the possibility of star sightings. So far the movie has also filmed in a rowhouse on that block, in front of the White House and near the new National Museum of African American History and Culture. Intrepid Washingtonians discovered that the crew will be around town until Nov. 5.

“This is just the first of a few projects that we’re going to be doing in D.C.,” Fraser said.

While filming near U Street, Rock has been spotted several times at Ben’s Chili Bowl. He even thanked the famous restaurant via Instagram for “feeding the kid.”

“Couples’ Night” is about a husband and wife who move to Washington from Wisconsin. It’s a country-mice-meet-the-big-city story that follows the pair as they try to navigate the kinetic D.C. scene with its high-powered couples and high expectations.

Fraser and his production partner, Chuck West, plan to wrap the entire project by the end of December and start shopping the film by January 2017. They’ve already gotten interest from BET, TV One and streaming giant Netflix.