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FBI Director James Comey spotted having a margarita night after a hard day at the office

FBI Director James B. Comey shown testifying during a Senate hearing on homeland security in September. (Shawn Thew/European Pressphoto Agency)

Hey isn’t that . . . FBI Director James B. Comey digging into some Tex-Mex and a margarita after an especially tough day at the office on Sunday night?

We’ve all been there, sort of. After a brutal 9-to-5 the best medicine is usually a stiff drink.

On Sunday afternoon, Comey announced that the FBI’s unprecedented “October surprise” — yet another cache of emails connected to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton — wasn’t that surprising after all. Those “new” emails (many of them duplicates from an earlier probe into the Democratic presidential nominee’s private server), which Comey said investigators had “worked around the clock” to comb through, wouldn’t change the bureau’s previous July decision not to seek charges against Clinton. The entire nine-day fiasco had folks on both sides of the aisle calling for the FBI chief’s walking papers.

After a day like that, Comey was spotted grabbing dinner and a “giant” margarita at El Tio Tex Mex Grill in McLean, Va., on Sunday evening. Hey, the guy’s gotta unwind somehow.

At around 6 p.m. our tipster clocked what looked like a Secret Service agent (black suit, earpiece, bulging muscles) casing the inside of the restaurant. Minutes later, Comey, his wife, one of his five children and two more security guys arrived. This being Washington (or at least its environs) other diners definitely recognized the embattled FBI director — but no one asked for a photo, we’re told. According to the restaurant, which wasn’t sure if the Comeys were regulars, it was a “casual” night, “nothing fancy.”

“To think,” said our source, “we went out to dinner for a break from all the election madness.”