Local actress June Schreiner (Courtesy of June Schreiner)

It’s been nearly six years since homegrown June Schreiner was a 16-year-old living in the D.C. metro area, but on Nov. 24, the actress will reprise at least part of that role when she appears on the original “NCIS.”

Fans of the young actress will recognize Schreiner as the breakout star of the Arena Stage’s 2010 hit production of “Oklahoma!” Schreiner, then a junior at McLean’s Madeira School and a newbie in the business, beat out professionals for the role of Ado Annie and, judging by the gushing reviews, her impending stardom seemed set. But the young actress decided to go to college instead and headed to Tulane.

“I always knew I wanted to get back into acting, but I thought for my craft and for my person what was best for me was to get the college experience,” said Schreiner, who graduated a semester early with a degree in sociology last December and moved to Los Angeles in March to get back into showbiz. This hiatus, she said, was a risk she was willing to take. And it paid off.

A scene from “NCIS” featuring June Schreiner. (CBS)

After less than a year in la la land, she’s got “a few gigs” under her belt with two airing this week.

On the upcoming episode of “NCIS,” Schreiner plays a “very politically engaged 16-year-old” from Washington who threatens a congresswoman online and becomes a potential suspect in a crime. Then on Nov. 29, Schreiner will show up on CBS again in a guest role as a supportive girlfriend on the medical drama “Pure Genius.”

In the meantime, Schreiner has some wisdom to share with young actors eager to follow in her footsteps: “My advice would be to train and pursue that goal like no other, but at the same time, learning about the world beyond the scope of theater and film is really important for your own mental health, and there’s so much to learn. That’s what makes every artist a better artist.”