Tila Tequila, the onetime reality TV star turned Hitler devotee, has been deprived of some of the oxygen that kept her sorta-fame flame alive: Twitter suspended her account, apparently as part of its efforts to crack down on hate speech.

The social media platform had suspended the accounts of a few prominent white nationalists before Tequila’s latest stunt — attending a Saturday conference in Washington of the “alt-right” and posting a picture at a related dinner in which she is seen doing a Nazi salute. The Vietnamese-born model and TV personality was a speaker at the Washington confab, which was hosted by the National Policy Institute in celebration of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

A Twitter spokesman did not respond to a request for comment about the suspension of Tequila’s account, but it follows the reported shutdown of the accounts of National Policy Institute head Richard Spencer and others. Tequila has used Twitter to express support for the white nationalist movement and has described herself as an “alt-reich queen.”

Maggiano’s Little Italy on Monday apologized after Tequila posted the picture of herself and two men doing the Nazi salute at the Friday dinner at the Friendship Heights restaurant. The image was captioned “Seig [sic] Heil!”

Tequila’s Myspace-fueled fame peaked nearly a decade ago with an MTV show called “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” in which contestants sought to date her.