Move over, all you Elmos and Power Rangers — there’s a new Times Square character. Meet “Mike Hot-Pence,” a guy who looks an awful lot like the Vice President-elect, and dresses like him, too . . . at least from the waist up.

Below the conservative navy blazer and tie that could have been filched from the actual Mike Pence’s closet, Mike Hot-Pence sports some very un-vice-presidential skimpy short shorts.

Like so many of the other costumed creatures in the touristy Manhattan hub, he’s looking for donations. But unlike most of the competition, the change Mike Hot-Pence busks is going to nonprofit groups.

Arts advocate and writer Howard Sherman recently interviewed the faux future Veep for a series on his blog called, appropriately, “Times Square Weirdness.” The Pence dead ringer is actually graphic designer and actor Glen Pannell, who said he (and his friends and colleagues) first noticed the resemblance after the GOP convention in the summer. He decided to play on it by dressing as Pence for Halloween, and thought he’d throw in a twist and went with “Sexy Mike Pence” for his costume.

“Once I decided on jacket and tie for the top half and short shorts for the bottom half, the ‘Hot-Pence’ moniker popped into my head,” he told Sherman. “And that’s the origin story of Mike Hot-Pence.”

According to his Twitter feed, he’s been collecting money for organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Natural Resources Defense Council. His hashtag? #activismishot.

Asked if he had anything he’d like to share with the real, pants-wearing Mike Pence, Pannell quipped, “You have to represent all people, not just the ones that look like you. And me.”