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Why fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo won’t critique Melania Trump: They fear Trump’s ‘followers’

Tom Fitzgerald, right, and Lorenzo Marquez. (Dayna Smith for The Washington Post)

Fashion bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez chose the tagline “Fabulous & Opinionated” for their website — but there’s one topic they aren’t eager to hold forth on: incoming first lady Melania Trump.

They’re happy to snarkily dissect the minutia of celebrities’ red carpet sartorial choices, calling out in a recent post, for example, Sarah Jessica Parker’s  “ ‘6-year-old’s birthday party in 1983’ tights.” But turning their barbed keyboards on Trump’s gowns?  Nope, they’re not going there.

During a Tuesday interview at the George Town Club with “Q&A Cafe” series host Carol Joynt, the blogging duo recalled criticizing first lady Michelle Obama’s fashion missteps during the early days of the Obama administration.

“We are not going to be able to do that with Melania Trump without risking our business,” Fitzgerald said. “The hordes that will come down on us. . . .”

He said that calling out Melania for crimes against fashion would possibly earn them the ire of the new commander-in-chief — but it’s not mean tweets from POTUS that they’re worried about.

“We are two gay men — look at the Comet Ping Pong thing. All of that is coming out because the owner is gay, you can’t tell me that’s not because he’s gay,” he said, referring to the recent false conspiracy claims that a pedophile ring tied to former Trump rival Hillary Clinton was hiding children in tunnels below a Washington pizza restaurant. The online theorizing recently led a North Carolina man to open fire in the restaurant as he sought to rescue the nonexistent children.

“It’s not that I fear him — I fear his followers,” Fitzgerald said. “They go after the people who are heretics. And they love her. She is their queen right now. So if we said ‘she’s tacky’ or ‘that hem was too short’ or whatever. . . .”