Celebrity chef José Andrés has a novel — and highly improbable — idea for ending his legal battle with President-elect Donald Trump, proceedings triggered when he backed out of plans to open a restaurant in Trump’s luxury hotel in Washington.

“Can we end our lawsuits and we donate $ to a Veterans NGO to celebrate?” Andrés tweeted on Tuesday. “Why keep litigating? Let’s both of us win.”

In 2015, Trump sued Andrés’s company for breach of contract, seeking $10 million. The chef countersued, and the legal wrangling could spill over into the Trump administration, with the president-elect slated to be deposed in early January.

It doesn’t take a legal eagle to figure out the answer to Andrés’s why-keep-litigating question: Trump loves to boast that he doesn’t settle lawsuits (although he regularly does). The deep-pocketed mogul doesn’t fear the courts, either. USA Today notes that he and his businesses have been involved in thousands of cases over the past three decades, and that he often lets lawsuits drag on.

Then again, Trump does love to make a deal . . .