Thought President Trump’s inauguration speech was gloomy? Check out his first Instagram photo since taking over the official White House account:

Trump looks downcast — or at least quite serious — in the picture, which appears to be taken as he was being announced as he entered the platform on the steps of the Capitol to be sworn in.

He isn’t the only one. Some followers of the @whitehouse account were alarmed that the stream of photos taken during the Obama administration were gone. “All the OBAMA pics are gone,” one user commented, using a crying emoji. But they haven’t actually disappeared — they’ve been archived at the @obamawhitehouse account.

Trump is also unsmiling in the second picture posted to the account, a shot of him as he took the oath of office. Everyone’s got their game faces on — in fact House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) is the only one cracking a grin.

As Trump is doing on Twitter, it seems that in addition to his official Instagram handle, the president will continue to post under his private one, @realDonaldTrump (which has more than 5 million followers), where he also posted some inaugural photos.

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On behalf of my entire family - THANK YOU!

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Although he has often ‘grammed (including cute shots of himself with the grandchildren), Twitter remains Trump’s preferred medium to communicating to the public. And he has yet to name an official photographer, whose work would probably be featured on the @whitehouse account.