It looks like President Trump isn’t just reviving some Reagan-era policies — he’s also breaking out the china that debuted under the Gipper.

The president’s eldest son, Donald Jr., on Monday posted on Instagram a pic of his son Tristan having a meal in the White House’s State Dining Room. Leaving aside the kiddo’s informal outfit (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jammies aren’t standard state-dining attire), the place setting was significant: a plate rimmed in scarlet and gold bearing the presidential seal.

That’s the Reagan china, 220 19-piece Lennox place settings that Nancy Reagan bought in 1981. Though it was paid for by private funds, the display of opulence brought on what the White House Historical Association described as a “china crisis” (not the be confused with an uppercase version of the phrase).

Not that we expected to see the Trumps using the Obamas’ “Kailua Blue” service or anything.

Update: Former White House curator Betty Monkman tells us that typically, meals served in the State Dining Room are served on state china sets. Other, more common, sets are used in the family quarters. And while it’s not often that young children dine in the ultra-formal room, she said it would be standard for all guests, no matter their age, to dine on the same china.

It’s unclear whether the Trumps will introduce their own set of china, she noted, but if they do, look for it later — presidents usually present their china in the latter part of their terms.