Tiffany Trump has been spotted on another law-school campus. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Hey, isn’t that … first daughter and aspiring law student, Tiffany Trump, sitting in on a class at NYU Law School on Friday?

The 23-year-old, according to the Above the Law blog, didn’t exactly blend in among the legal eagles. “Signs were posted outside the classroom in the hallway saying ‘save us tiffany, you’re our only hope,'” the blog quoted a witness as saying.

Also of note, the school’s public-interest career fair was happening just down the hall, and students were protesting the presence of reps from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the tipster said. That agency has been a lightning rod under the controversial immigration orders by Tiffany Trump’s dad (a.k.a. POTUS.)

The younger Trump daughter has been kicking the tires of law schools after wrapping up her undergrad studies at the University of Pennsylvania last year and, according to Above the Law, taking her LSATS in December. She’s been spotted touring the law schools of both Harvard and Columbia.