Stop despairing, women with “issues” and “difficulties” — President Trump says first lady Melania Trump will be there for you.

Asked in a word salad of a news conference Thursday about what role Melania Trump will play, the president offered up an answer that actually provided us with some new information. FLOTUS “feels very strongly about womens’ issues, womens’ difficulties,” Trump said.

The first lady has not talked publicly about taking on that particular portfolio — until now, she had said that cyberbullying would be a focus. It’s still unclear just how Melania Trump, who lives in Manhattan while her 10-year-old son finishes the school year, will tackle the issues she wants to champion. But here’s one clue that she’s ready to start using the East Wing as bully pulpit: In tweets this week, she’s been using the hashtag #Powerofthefirstlady.

Trump also said that “helping her” would be his older daughter, Ivanka, a public acknowledgment of a dynamic already in play: Ivanka Trump, who has already committed to working for wage equality and child care, is taking on some very first-lady-like duties.

True to form, Trump lashed out at criticism of his third wife, who he called a “very private person” and also, perplexingly, “always the highest quality you’ll ever find.”

“I think she’s going to be a fantastic first lady,” he said.