Milestones in a political kid’s life: first steps, first campaign, first protest rally…

Little Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky can check off that last box, after her mom, Chelsea Clinton, took her on Sunday to a protest of anti-Muslim discrimination. Clinton posted a pic of the interfaith event held at Times Square and captioned it on Twitter: “Thank you to all who organized today — Charlotte’s 1st protest rally.

Clinton’s Twitter account has lately been getting saltier (recent headline: “Chelsea Clinton Is Trolling Donald Trump Again”), and the Sunday tweet was a one-two punch: part sweet family diary, part political sass.

The event on the Manhattan streets is just another class in the toddler’s early political education. She appeared (and was more often invoked) on the campaign trail for grandmother Hillary Clinton, who even credited her granddaughter with inspiring her to run for president: “Having this wonderful little person in your life makes you think about the future in a whole new way,” Clinton told US Weekly last year.