Considering that the “Real Housewives” franchise is essentially synonymous with drama, Thursday night’s private party celebrating season 2 of the ladies of Potomac was markedly tame.

Trailers prove that the second installment of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” airing Sunday, shall have no shortage of accusations, marital quarrels and finger-pointing. But those secretly hoping for some firsthand friction (table-flipping anyone?) at the Bliss nightclub premiere party were surely disappointed. The five original housewives Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and newbie Monique Samuels, a.k.a the new Katie Rost, were nothing but smiles all night. Darby, a favorite target of the women in season 1 because of her age and millennial antics, was spotted dancing and snapping selfies with her fellow cast mates all night.

Maybe Huger’s etiquette lessons are finally proving effective.

“We really are just a fun group,” Dixon said. “We also have our little share of drama, but nothing too serious.”

Every group has its touch of clique-iness, though. It was apparent in the first season that Dixon and Bryant are among the closer gals in the group. “We balance each other out; she’s a little bit more of a fire cracker,” Dixon said of Bryant. “We can just sit in a room all day and crack jokes and have fun.”

And while Darby said she thinks she is the most like Samuels out of everyone in the group, the newcomer seems more smitten with someone else.

“That’s my girl, that’s my sister,” Samuels said of Jackson-Jordan. “We get along the most. We talk every day, whether we’re filming or not.”

And while the women seemed to have worked through any beef with one another, the hubbies, past and present, might be another story.

Trailers show that all may not be well in paradise for Darby and her Australian beau. Although he attended the premiere event, Michael Darby was more removed than Karen Huger’s husband, Raymond Huger, and Samuels’s other half, former Redskin Chris Samuels, who posed for photos and accompanied their ladies during interviews.

Dixon and Jackson-Jordan’s former husbands,  Juan Dixon and Eddie Jordan, respectively, were more M.I.A. Jackson-Jordan explained Jordan’s absence with a somber take on their estrangement in season 1. “Because of what was going on with my marriage,” she said, “when I watch last season I see a sad person.”