What’s a wedding without the drama? Omarosa Manigault wouldn’t know.

Since getting engaged last summer to Florida pastor John Allen Newman, the former reality TV star has had bridesmaids drama, wedding dress shopping drama and now physical safety drama. According to a source with knowledge of the 43-year-old’s upcoming nuptials, Manigault and Newman were forced to push back the date and location of their ceremony because of repeated threats presumably tied to Manigault’s support of President Trump.

“There were some bona fide security concerns related to having the wedding at the church in Florida,” said our source.

The couple were originally scheduled to tie the knot at Newman’s church in Jacksonville on March 25, but, as first reported in the Daily Mail, decided to move the location to the safer environs of Washington. So the wedding weekend has been moved from down south to the dirty swamp and will take place on April 8.

But there could be an unexpected upside to the abrupt change in plans.

The rehearsal dinner will be held at the White House on Friday night, according to another source with knowledge of the pair’s plans. The White House, however, has yet to confirm that event or clarify who will be footing the bill (usually private events held at 1600 Penn. are paid for by the party thrower).

The location of the actual wedding is still very hush-hush. Not even the wedding’s guests, who were each invited personally by either the bride or groom in lieu of mailed invitations (all the better to keep details under wraps), know the ceremony’s venue. Apparently there are other surprises in store, including who will be walking Manigault down the aisle.