Like most brides-to-be, Omarosa Manigault’s wedding plans were hardly drama-free. But eight months after getting engaged while on the presidential campaign trail, the former “Apprentice” breakout star turned White House staffer got married at the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Saturday without a heckler in sight.

Manigault, 43, and John Allen Newman, 61, were originally slated to marry at Newman’s church in Jacksonville, Fla. But “security concerns” forced the couple to scrap those plans and relocate the big day to the District. Good thing the boss owns a hotel here.

Rumor (or wishful thinking) had it that Manigault would be walked down the aisle by President Trump, but, alas, the paparazzi would have to do without that golden photo op. Trump spent the weekend hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla.

About 150 guests, including Trump Organization executive Lynne Patton, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks, colorful Trump supporters “Diamond and Silk,” and Washington socialite Paul Wharton attended the morning ceremony followed by a cherry blossom-themed brunch reception also held at the Trump hotel. The night before, Manigault and Newman held their rehearsal dinner at the Trump hotel, and afterward the bridal party headed to the White House for some bowling — we’re sensing a theme here.

The couple, both ordained ministers, recited traditional wedding vows with one notable remix (this is Omarosa after all). Once prompted to “take this man for richer or for poorer,” Manigault repeated back “for richer or for richer.” And the crowd apparently loved it.

Later when the officiant recited that infamous “speak now or forever hold your peace” line, Manigault, according to our source in the room, shot the crowd a “look.”

“It was her most classic ‘Omarosa look’ as if to say, ‘I wish you would!’ Everyone laughed,” said our tipster.

The bride wore a YSA Makino blush-colored ball gown, valued (along with the veil and accessories) at $25,000 and given to her in exchange for appearing on the TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress,” according to White House staff financial disclosures. The groom wore a brown suit and pink tie.

Later that night, the party continued at the Park at Fourteenth, where the bride and her bridesmaids changed into traditional Nigerian gele, elaborately wrapped headscarves. We’re told guests danced until midnight.

Manigault, who lives in Washington, and Newman, who lives in Florida, are headed to Italy for their honeymoon.