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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross spills Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s weekend wedding to fiancee Louise Linton

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, second from left, and his fiancee, Louise Linton, walk with Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, and Morneau’s wife, Nancy McCain, in Ottawa on June 9. (Patrick Doyle/Reuters)

Who says there’s no transparency in President Trump’s administration? On Tuesday, one of his Cabinet secretaries spilled the tea about the wedding of another secretary.

Here’s how the nuptials leak went down: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was introducing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at a conference and concluded his welcome-to-the-stage remarks with a personal flourish: “Hilary and I also extend our congratulations and look forward to seeing you wed your dear fiancee, Louise Linton, on Saturday,” he said, referring to his wife, Hilary Geary Ross. (The couples have double-dated — the foursome have been spotted dining together at Cafe Milano.)

Though there’s been some chatter that the nuptials could take place at the White House, a spokeswoman for the first lady tells us the wedding isn’t happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mnuchin has been engaged to Linton, a Scottish model/actress, since 2015. Linton, 36, is hardly your typical Cabinet spouse. She’s had small roles in a number of movies and TV shows, she’s posed topless for Maxim, and she drew criticism for her 2016 memoir about her travels in Zambia as a teenager. Some said the book was merely tone deaf. (“If ‘How Not to Write About Africa’ were an Olympic floor gymnastics event, Linton’s piece would be a strong contender for a gold medal,” our colleague Karen Attiah wrote.) Others found inconsistencies in her writing and accused her of fabricating some of the more dramatic bits.

In May, Linton stepped down as chief executive of  film-financing firm Dune Entertainment — a company that Mnuchin had divested from — after some questioned the ethics of her retaining a role in the company. In a more traditional Cabinet-spouse look, Linton was at Mnuchin’s side during his first solo trip abroad earlier month, when he met with Canada’s finance minister in Ottowa.

And we should note that by tying the knot with Linton, Mnuchin, 54, will have something more in common with Wilbur Ross and with Trump — both his Cabinet colleague and his boss are married to wife No. 3.