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The best quotes from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s fiancee on her jaw-dropping jewels

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin helps fiancee Louise Linton to her seat at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery on May 29 before a Memorial Day ceremony. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

Talk about the treasury: Louise Linton, an actress and film producer who is set to marry Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this weekend, is the subject of a glittery spread in Town & Country magazine — or rather, her eye-popping collection of diamond jewelry is.

Maybe we are blinded by all the multi-carated bling, but are we reading this right? The soon-to-be wife of a humble public servant walks the glossy society mag through the stories behind the pieces in her (very crowded) jewelry box, with one-percenter quotes that would ordinarily make a pol’s PR machine wince.

“You never really own a diamond,” she says of the rocks in a vintage pair of earrings. “You just get to keep it for a while before it begins a new journey with someone else.” Of a pair of drop-style earrings: “I love how easy pearls are to wear with anything and everything.”

And there are stories about how she came to acquire some of the jewels, many of which were gifts from her fiance, a former Goldman Sachs exec. “These small Asscher cut studs were a Valentine’s gift a few years ago,” she says of a pair of icy earrings. “We took our dogs to a little ranch hotel in California for the weekend. The earrings always remind me of that trip.”

And wait, is this a plug for her upcoming movie? “My character in ‘Serial Daters Anonymous’ wears it through most of the film,”she says of a diamond pendant necklace.

Perhaps the pearl-clutching (sorry) over such wealth-flaunting by public officials is outdated. After all, this is the Trump administration, where diamonds can be a third wife’s best friend.