The reviews are rolling in for “Mystified,” the five-song EP that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough released on Friday and … drum roll, please (and maybe a guitar riff) … even snooty rock critics agree that the music is … not the worst.

Obviously, the former GOP representative is being graded on a curve, but even so, his rock stylings are being lauded as certifiably okay. Which is a good thing, since this is hardly the last we’ll hear of them — the “Morning Joe” host has agreed to release a staggering 200 songs over the next four years, he told Vanity Fair.

Variety’s Chris Willman compared it favorably to the music of the Jay Sekulow Band, an outfit fronted by the lawyer for President Trump, which he called “chamber of rock horrors.” By contrast, “Scarborough’s somewhat hipper take on things sounds like the Beatles, Kinks, Springsteen, and Sonic Youth combined.” He’ll probably take that.

And Rob Tannenbaum at the Cut placed Scarborough in the pantheon of mediocre Republican moonlighting rockers (think Mike Huckabee and his bass-playing), but comes to the conclusion that the TV talker’s music is relatively listenable: “All five songs are pretty okay. Which means it’s basically the Sgt. Pepper’s of politico vanity-rock albums.”