Apparently, there’s a thirst out there among the entertainment-consuming public for revisiting late-1980s political scandals. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Hugh Jackman will play former senator Gary Hart, who dropped out of the 1988 Democratic presidential primary race after news broke of his affair with former beauty queen Donna Rice, in a movie by writer/director Jason Reitman.

That follows news that Colin Farrell will play another Reagan-era scandal figure — Oliver North — in an upcoming Amazon TV show.

Reitman’s Hart-centric movie is titled “The Frontrunner,” and “chronicles Hart’s meteoric rise and dramatic fall,” per the Hollywood Reporter. A trailer-worthy recap: Hart, a dashing senator from Colorado, was the front-runner for the Democratic slot, but he withdrew after his affair with Rice became public (a photo of the two on a yacht called “Monkey Business” was the final nail in his campaign’s coffin). Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis went on to take the nomination, but was defeated by George H.W. Bush.

Three’s a trend, so … um, Keating Five, anyone? (With Brad Pitt as a young John McCain?)