Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) is fast on the rise as a prominent and powerful feminist voice — and now she’s taking her message from the halls of Capitol Hill to the digital pages of Lenny Letter, the popular online newsletter created by “Girls” star Lena Dunham and her writing partner Jenni Konner.

The lawmaker isn’t pulling any punches in her first piece for the staunchly feminist publication, assailing the GOP health-care bill as “a hot mess” and “absolutely terrible for women.” The bill would slash coverage for benefits like maternity care and birth control, and make it impossible for women on Medicaid to obtain health care services at Planned Parenthood clinics, she wrote.

To drive the point home, she summoned another famous female icon:

“Confronted with this catastrophic health-care proposal, all of us have a choice. It’s a little like the choice Diana faces in Wonder Woman, which I saw a few weeks ago and loved. Do we steer clear of the troubles of the world? Or do we join the fight?” she wrote. “For me, the answer is easy: Join the fight. Make your voices heard. Because this is not a drill.”

Harris knows a little something about making her voice heard.  (Plus: she’s not afraid to swear.) After her male colleagues shushed and scolded her during recent high-profile Senate Intelligence Committee hearings — demanding that she show more “courtesy” as she questioned Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein about the Russia probe — she struck back with a pithy new catch-phrase, one she reaffirmed in the final lines of her Lenny essay.

“This is not a time for courtesy,” she wrote. “This is a time for courage.”