Fox News has a new face: Rep. Jason Chaffetz will join the network as a contributor, Fox announced Wednesday.

The Utah Republican had announced that he was resigning from Congress to pursue other opportunities, which was code for making more money (as opposed to “spending more time with his family,” which is code for an impending scandal). He’ll be appearing, beginning Saturday, on various Fox and Fox Business shows, per the announcement.

Chaffetz has served as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, a perch that has given him more visibility than your average congressman, and the social-media-savvy legislator has already been a mainstay on the cable TV circuit.

His parting thoughts as he prepared to leave Congress included an interview this week in which he mused that members of Congress should get housing stipends to supplement their $174,000 salaries to cover the high cost of Washington housing. Chaffetz has famously been a member of the rollout-sofa caucus (the members who crash in their offices instead of forking over rent), but now it looks like he might be in for an upgrade in digs …