Former first lady Michelle Obama waves as former White House chef Sam Kass looks on during the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit May 12 in D.C. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

After leaving the White House, Michelle Obama might not be the first lady, but she might still be our gabber-in-chief — she’s added an appearance at a women’s conference in Philadelphia to her chat-it-up tour.

Obama will headline the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in October, for an expected audience of 10,000, the nonpartisan organization announced. “With her career-long devotion to improving the lives of children, increasing nutrition awareness, and advocating for equal access to education, Michelle Obama’s impact clearly extends beyond her White House years,” the group’s board president, Leslie Stiles, said in the announcement.

The format of the former FLOTUS’s cameo follows the pattern she has set since leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It’s a “conversation,” not a speech, which allows Obama to be more relaxed and, well, conversational, than a formal address dictates.

In April, she sat for a wide-ranging, and largely politics-free, Q&A at the American Institute of Architecture’s annual conference and in May at the Partnership for a Healthier America summit. She’s been relatively more free-spoken than when she was the on-message wife of the prez — at the latter event, she poked fun at her husband’s famously deeply unbuttoned shirts and countered proposed GOP cuts to the school lunch program with a salty retort: “Think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap.”

No word on how much the popular former first lady is being paid, but Mike Allen of Axios reports that she commands a whopping $200,000, which is half of what her husband can earn — but just as much as former president George W. Bush.