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‘Real Housewife’ Ashley Darby splits with husband, and their Arlington restaurant may be partly to blame

The couple in happier times. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

The marital turbulence of “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast member Ashley Darby and her husband, Michael Darby, wasn’t just for the cameras — the two have split, the housewife revealed on Sunday night’s “reunion” show of the Bravo series — a forum often used to reheat drama from the past season like so much microwaved fish.

Ashley Darby, 29, has moved out of the Arlington condo she shared with Michael Darby, a real estate developer and co-owner of Oz restaurant in Clarendon, she spilled. Despite Ashley Darby’s early-in-the-series oversharing about the couple’s, uh, prolific sex life, friction over the struggling restaurant had been another plot point of the reality series, and she cited it as a factor in the breakup. “I was really insecure about having a business at 28 years old, and I took that out on Michael quite a bit,” she said.

Michael Darby, 57, downplayed the role of the business venture in their decision to go their separate ways (the couple married in 2014). “We didn’t feel like we were communicating in a way that two people should at this stage in our relationship,” he told the cameras.

But of course, since it’s reality TV, the Darbys dangled the possibility of reconciliation. “I want to get back together but I’m only 50 percent, Michael has to be on the same page as me,” she said. So, in other words, tune in next season …