Hey, isn’t that … Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain and his wife, Paula White Cain, getting a White House tour on Thursday from newly minted White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Journalists reported spotting members of Journey in the press briefing room, and one photo showed the couple — dressed for business, he in a jacket and tie, she in a red dress — chatting with Sanders. But while her husband might be more recognizable (at least to ’80s rock fans), White Cain might be the real celeb at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — she’s the televangelist who has been described as President Trump’s “spiritual adviser.” 

She’s also the woman who reportedly initiated the prayer around Trump seen in a July 12 photo that showed religious leaders with their hands on the president’s shoulders.

No word on whether the party also included guitarist Neal Schon. (Schon’s wife, the former Michaele Salahi, famously crashed a 2009 White House state dinner, so the two could compare notes on their White House visits, if so.)

The band is set to perform Friday night at the National Harbor’s MGM casino.