For every political action, there is an equal and opposite “Saturday Night Live” reaction. Last season, nothing and no one was safe from SNL’s barbs, and each time the White House cast of characters changed, fans would jump in to speculate about which comedian would spoof the newcomer on the show.

Former press secretary Sean Spicer’s recent departure from his White House position meant the death of Melissa McCarthy’s famous “Spicey” impression. But Anthony Scaramucci’s appointment to be White House communications director means there’s a new role to fill.

A few names have been tossed around as to who should portray “the Mooch” on SNL, and Ben Stiller seemed to be the fan favorite (the funnyman had a short stint on SNL in 1989). Another name was rising Friday, however: Mario Cantone, a.k.a. Charlotte’s GBFF Anthony Marentino on “Sex and the City.”

Cantone nailed his depiction of Scaramucci on Comedy Central’s “The President Show” Thursday night. Cantone not only looks the part, but he accurately poked fun at Scaramucci’s potty mouth and love of Italian expressions by quoting a fictional obscene quip from his mother.

If SNL wants him, Cantone’s in. “Of course I’d do it,” he told Variety. “It would be a very big deal for me and a lot of fun.”