Proving for the millionth time that reality TV is a refuge for all manner of second acts, the latest notorious character to score a gig in the medium: Jack Abramoff, the onetime lobbyist who served time in federal prison for fraud, corruption and conspiracy and became the living, fedora-wearing symbol of Washington-as-festering-swamp.

And just what will his role be? Why, training young people in the dark art of his former profession, of course, in a series called “Capitol Makeover: Bitcoin Brigade.” The show will follow Abramoff as he leads a group from a cryptocurrency firm AML Bitcoin in a “boot camp” that will transform the members “from techies to lobbyists ready to take on Capitol Hill,” per the show’s creators.

Hey, who better to impart lessons in getting one’s legislative agenda advanced than a guy who infamously (and, uh, illegally) lavished members of Congress with fancy golf trips, steak dinners and skybox sports tickets? Maybe he’ll save that part for graduate-level courses.

The series is produced by Blockchain Entertainment (a new production company devoted to film and TV projects about digital currency and blockchain technology) and Ignition Creative. A representative for the show says that filming is set to begin in early 2018 and that there’s “no network partner yet,” meaning it’s unclear where it will air.