Kim Kardashian (Lionel Cironneau/Associated Press)

Karaoke isn’t exactly Kim Kardashian’s go-to pastime — in fact, she’s only attended a singalong session once, and she was too nervous to grab the mic herself. But maybe that’s because former president Barack Obama happened to be in the room?

“I’ve done karaoke one time, and I could never sing, but it was so cool,” the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star said in a new video interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “It was with Obama, Kanye, and like, maybe 15 other people, and it was insane.”

So when exactly did this elite shindig happen? Kardashian didn’t elaborate in her Hollywood Reporter interview, but she offered a few more details in a comment for a Vogue profile of tennis star Serena Williams, who was also present at the famed karaoke event.

Williams and Kardashian have been close friends for well over a decade, though the two have opposite feelings about singing in front of other people: “She is obsessed with karaoke, which personally is my biggest fear in life,” Kardashian told Vogue.

The karaoke gathering took place at a dinner in San Francisco before a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, Kardashian recalled (she didn’t mention a date, but we do know she and husband Kanye West spent time with Obama in early 2015, per the reality TV icon’s highly-trafficked Instagram account).


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“Serena sang, Obama sang, Kanye sang,” Kardashian said. “It was legendary.”

Sadly, no word on which tunes made the playlist — but we can only hope it might have included “Sweet Home Chicago.”