Keep in mind that Chadwick Boseman is an artist and that he is serious about his stuff.

Boseman, who was in town for the Washington premiere of his movie “Marshall” (yes, he’s playing yet another African American icon), made it clear Wednesday that as a famous (and woke) person he has the right and responsibility to use whatever platform he is given to speak his mind. This includes an awards stage (and some not-so-subtle shade thrown in the direction of the White House).

When asked during a panel discussion after the movie, which is about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s early career as an attorney for the NAACP, Boseman said it was impossible for him to divorce his art from his activism.

“First of all, I’m not just an actor, I’m an artist,” Boseman said. “You have to express the full scope of your being, physically, spiritually, and that includes politically.”

So if he ever makes it to the Emmy (or Oscar, or Tony) podium, Boseman said, he doesn’t plan to just grab his golden statue and go home.

“If I can say what I’ve got to say in 90 seconds, then I should say it,” the actor said, directly addressing some of the backlash that last weekend’s Emmys faced. Some said the show was “too political” and too stuffed with punchlines aimed at President Trump.

“That’s why I have the platform. We’re here to speak truth to power,” said Boseman, who has appeared on screen as Jackie Robinson, James Brown and Marvel superhero the Black Panther. He added that Trump should listen to what his critics have to say, or “don’t be the president.”