Dr. Oz talks to Ivanka Trump on an episode airing Thursday. (Sony Pictures Television)

Ivanka Trump’s sit down with Dr. Oz got deep!

She disclosed a medical illness. Mentioned her uncle’s bout with addiction. And she even revealed how she’d respond to Hillary Clinton’s accusation that everyone in the Trump administration who doesn’t speak out or leave is complicit in his entire agenda.

“What would you say to her?” Oz wanted to know.

Ivanka responded: “I think that I would ask if during her time as first lady — when she also was very actively involved and had an office in the West Wing — if there were ever times that she disagreed with the policies of the administration and her husband, the president, and [if she] verbally articulated all disagreements.”

Ivanka added that she’s a part of her dad’s team — so, hello, stop looking for daylight between the two of them.

Ivanka kept the revelations coming in her convo with Oz. Their discussion about her advocacy of paid-family leave turned personal when she revealed that she had suffered from postpartum depression after the births of each of her three children — something that Ivanka said she had not planned to reveal until Oz asked her about maternity and paternity leave.

The good doctor then brought a preserved human brain onto the stage to discuss the important neurological development that happens between parents and newborns. Ivanka giggled nervously as she held the brain, which was heavier than she expected. And, finally, she confessed the medical stuff made her a little squeamish.