Ivana Trump, the first wife of President Trump and the mother of his three eldest children, is still close to her ex. Despite their tabloid-chronicled split, the pair still talk on a weekly basis, she said in a new interview, and he even offered her an ambassadorship to the Czech Republic, her native country — but she turned him down.

Why not take the high-profile diplomatic post? Ivana Trump, she of the perma-blonde updo and dramatic fashion sense, is too busy being fabulous, apparently.

“Why would I go and say bye-bye to Miami in the winter, bye-bye to Saint-Tropez in the summer, and bye-bye to spring and fall in New York?” she said in an interview with CBS’s “Sunday Morning” to air this weekend, a preview of which was posted on Thursday. “I have a perfect life.”

Why indeed? Ivana Trump’s enviable life has recently included taking in New York Fashion Week shows and posing for photographers with celebrity pals.

And if you wish POTUS would keep his Twitter habit in check, don’t look to Ivana Trump for help. The 68-year-old author, business executive, and former model says she encourages it. Among the topics on which President Trump seeks her counsel, she said, is whether he should keep tweeting. “I tell him, ‘you should tweet,’ ” she said in the interview.

She is promoting her upcoming memoir “Raising Trump” about parenting the Trump kids, Donald Jr., and Eric, who run the family biz while dad’s a bit busy, and Ivanka Trump, who joined her father in the White House as a top adviser.