Snappy tweeter Chelsea Clinton — former first daughter and heir apparent to the Clinton legacy — covers a lot of ground on her social media timeline. She’s shared photos of sad spinach pancakes and defended Sean Spicer (yep), but there’s one topic she’s not interested in at the moment: her mom’s toe.

Some background: Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton apparently fell and broke her toe while running down a flight of stairs with a cup of coffee. She’s on a book tour. Things happen. Clinton even showed up to a TV appearance with a boot on her wounded right foot. But the injury understandably delayed some of her appearances. Her daughter, Chelsea, doesn’t think this is newsworthy.

Responding to a Fox News Channel tweet about her mother’s “derailed” book tour, the younger Clinton offered up her increasingly candid thoughts.

“Some perspective: Not worried about my mom’s broken toe. I am worried about people in Puerto Rico not having clean water, food or power,” the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation tweeted.

Clinton has been increasingly less shy about tweeting rapid and cheeky responses to the news since her mother’s presidential loss last year.