Real-life breaking news collided with the fictional variety on Wednesday when a shooting north of Baltimore took place near the set where “House of Cards” was filming.

The series producer, Dana Brunetti, announced on social media that the shooting in Edgewood, in which a man opened fire at a business park, killing three people and wounding two others, was close to the Joppa set where the dark political thriller films. Brunetti told the Wrap that the set was in “lockdown” and that star Robin Wright was among those on set.

But shortly afterward, Netflix and Media Rights Capital released a statement to Deadline saying company reps had been in touch with authorities but that “production on the show has not been impacted.”

Police were searching Wednesday afternoon for the shooter, whom they called “armed and dangerous,” per reports.

Brunetti turned media critic after the shooting, complaining on Facebook that the media wasn’t covering it and instead remained focused on the news of the day, namely President Trump and the Hill testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Shooting near ‘House of Cards set,’ ” he wrote. “I turn on the news to see what is happening, and guess what they’re covering? Not the five dead and three wounded while gunman is still on the loose.” (His numbers were off, but his point was clear.)

Later he called out in particular CNN, which he said had just invited him on to talk about reports that Russian spies had watched “House of Cards” to aide their efforts to influence U.S. politics. “CNN asked me to come on air the other day to talk about ‘House of Cards’ and Russia, and today there is an ongoing active shooter near the ‘House of Cards’ stage and ZERO coverage,” he wrote. “They’re going nonstop of Sessions and Trump! WTF?!”

The Maryland Film Office just last week confirmed that the thriller had been renewed for the sixth season and would stick around in Maryland, where carpenters often create replicas of iconic buildings in Washington, where the show is mainly set.