Kate McKinnon, left, portraying Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, right, portraying Val, appear during the “Bar Talk” sketch on “Saturday Night Live.” (Dana Edelson/NBC via AP)

Kate McKinnon, the comedian who’s the latest and arguably most hilarious “Saturday Night Live” cast member to play Hillary Clinton, is a big fan of the woman she famously portrayed during the 2016 election season.

In an interview with Vanity Fair (she’s on the mag’s November cover), she described trying to get inside her characters’ heads: “In doing that for Hillary Clinton, who I admire so much, I started to feel very close to her, just trying to imagine her inner life.”

But while McKinnon was okay talking about her portrayal of the former Democratic presidential nominee, she was far less comfortable talking about the real-life Clinton. When reporter Lili Anolik asked her about a dinner she had with the pol in February, in which the pair reportedly enjoyed a meal at a Manhattan restaurant, McKinnon seemed flummoxed.

“Her eyes begin to skitter and jump. I immediately cast around for a less sensitive topic, though I hadn’t realized that one was sensitive,” Anolik wrote.

So . . . state secrets then, obviously? Or maybe just reliving their performance in a skit during the campaign, with McKinnon as Clinton and Clinton as a bartender named Val? We’ll never know, apparently.

Another interesting tidbit from the piece was a quote from Alec Baldwin, who plays President Trump on SNL with such on-point and yet over-the-top mannerisms that he’s become synonymous with POTUS. “In terms of the media,” Baldwin said, “I’m Trump now. He’s not even Trump anymore—I am.”