Hey, isn’t that . . . Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels having what looked like a working dinner Tuesday night at Ocean Prime downtown?

The onetime “Saturday Night Live” colleagues (he’s the producer; she was a writer and cast member) were accompanied by another woman our spy couldn’t ID. Michaels was in a suit with no tie and Fey looked casual-cool in jeans and ankle boots, we’re told.

So what’s behind the SNL mini-reunion? Fey’s “Mean Girls” musical, which Michaels is producing, is in rehearsals ahead of its Oct. 31 pre-Broadway premiere at the National Theatre.

The group lingered for a few hours and looked to be having fun, says our spy, so clearly it wasn’t all biz. Maybe next time, they’ll skip the fancy downtown dining and just go [“Mean Girl” reference alert] to Taco Bell?