First things first. No (just no), there will not be a show called “Sistas” starring twins Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, the daughters of former president George W. Bush. Sorry (not sorry).

At a party celebrating their new book “Sisters First” held at the Jefferson Hotel on Thursday afternoon, the 35-year-old former first daughters dispelled rumor after rumor while being lightly ribbed by media consultant Tammy Haddad as VIP guests such as Mark Ein and Greta Van Susteren looked on. It was Haddad who came up with the whole “Sistas” (with an “a”) pitch from the makeshift stage.

“I also like how Tammy’s all of a sudden our agent,” joked Hager Bush, the “Today” show co-host who’s always described as the more outgoing of the pair. That’s one of the many misconceptions the twins sought to dispel with their memoir in essays.

Offstage Jenna ran down the rest of the list of stereotypes they’ve been slapped with over the years. “Oh, you’re the loud one, you’re the quiet one,” she said referring to herself and Barbara respectively. “You’re the troublemaker, you’re the shy one.” Wrong, says Jenna. Barbara isn’t shy, she’s private. There’s a difference.

Barbara is plenty outgoing, says her sister and biggest fan.

“I mean my sister started a global health nonprofit. Her commute is to Rwanda,” she said.

But Barbara did need some persuading to write the book.

“My parents were surprised that she said yes to doing this,” said Jenna of her twin.

“I was surprised,” chimed in Barbara.

Another myth the Bush twins smack down? There’s no secret First Kid cabal complete with handshakes and clandestine meetings. Fantasy ruined.

When asked if they had reached out to the Trump children, as they did with their touching 2009 letter to incoming first daughters Malia and Sasha Obama, the sisters responded bluntly.

“No, I mean we haven’t. We don’t. No.” said Jenna.

That response seemed more matter of fact than political. Although politics might perhaps someday maybe be in their future.

“I think it’s unlikely,” said Barbara, when asked that question every potential heir to a political dynasty must eventually reckon with. “We used to be very defiant, saying 100 percent we will not be in politics, because we grew up so closely to it. Then we realized more and more we shouldn’t act so defiant about it.”

So there’s your expert and thoughtful non-answer answer.

“I wish Barbara would run,” chimed in Jenna. “We need smart people to be in public office.”

And the final revelation? Just what did their dad, former president George W. Bush, say to former president Barack Obama that made him snicker during a very serious hurricane relief concert?

“The sad fact is we do know,” said Jenna, “but we can’t tell you.” We guess some secrets are sacred among sisters.