George Pelecanos, Silver Spring’s resident novelist-turned-filmmaker, is pushing to turn the District into a new market for Hollywood cinema.

Nine years after the “The Wire,” the Baltimore-based hit he wrote and produced, aired its final episode, Pelecanos is back in the area and behind the camera.

“D.C. Noir,” a 2006 crime anthology Pelecanos is now adapting for the big screen, is being shot entirely within the confines of the District proper.

“We’re going to be filming all over the city, in all four quadrants,” Pelecanos told us.

Last week, passersby spotted the film crew doing their thing at Warder and Lamont streets NW in the Park View neighborhood, where a few scenes from the movie take place.

One local resident shared a picture on Instagram with Pelecanos, captioned, “What are the odds that George Pelecanos and his crew literally knock on your door telling you they want to shoot some scenes from his movie in your apartment??? Well, it’s happening right now in my living room.”

“Yeah, I did that,” Pelecanos said, laughing. “I literally walk into people’s houses. They’re generally interested and accepting.”

Pelecanos’s son, Nicholas, is set to direct one story in the film, which features multiple story lines, as is Gbenga Akinnagbe, an alum of “The Wire” who’s in Pelecanos’s new HBO show “The Deuce.” For the most part, Pelecanos is employing local talent.

“It’s an all-D.C. production,” said Pelecanos, who has also invited Howard University film students to come shadow the team.

Pelecanos hopes completing a major motion picture project in the District will help put the city on the cinematic map.

“We’re trying to show that we can make movies here,” he said. “We’re shooting places in the city, not just the monuments.”

His long-term goal is to get D.C. to offer a tax credit so that film studios are more likely to choose the District for production.

“People would like to film here, there’s a lot to offer in terms of scenery and people,” he said, “but it’s all driven by tax credits.” The D.C. Film Office is on board with his efforts, according to the producer.

“D.C. Noir” is expected to be released sometime in 2018, hopefully as a major motion picture, Pelecanos said.