Kevin Lewis, who came to Washington in 2006 as one of the fresh faces in then-Sen. Barack Obama’s Yes We Can fellowship, is stepping down as Obama’s press secretary. Over the course of 11 years, Lewis rose from a participant in the fellowship that Obama created to mentor young minorities who wanted to work in politics to become Obama’s chief spokesman.

In the 10 months since Obama left the White House, Lewis has served as the former president’s press secretary and has been a key member of the team determining how Obama communicates with the public and reporters.

After leaving the Yes We Can fellowship, Lewis, 34, served on Obama’s campaign for president as a press aide and rose in the ranks. In the White House, he worked as director of African American media, where he set up Obama on interviews with urban radio hosts who became strong supporters of the administration and helped turn out historic numbers of African American voters.

Lewis’s last day in Obama’s personal office was Nov. 3.

The first months of Obama’s post-presidency have been busier than his staff expected, and Lewis, who is from Brooklyn, is taking a long vacation before entertaining job offers.

He will be replaced by Katie Hill, who was recently a consultant for Protect Our Care and was a spokeswoman in the Obama White House.